On being human in a world begging for our passion, compassion and action.

The three day festival between 15th and 17th of November 2019 offers workshops, talks, panel-discussions and performances with international presenters.

BODY IQ 2019 focuses on dissemination, networking, application and somatic-activisms beyond the field into a diverse range of cultural and social environments.

More than 60 international somatic experts, artists and pedagogues are gathering to explore the critical application of somatic practices within a wide range of contexts – from the arts to social engagement, from healing to politics.

// somatic research

// somatic culture & arts

// somatic activism

BODY IQ 2019 addresses questions of re-embodiment in a context of global ethical and ecological crisis. Over the last decades somatic practices have become a growing field of sensorial, experiential and emancipatory learning within a broad range of educational, therapeutic and artistic contexts

// How can somatic practices contribute to a re-education of attention and human interaction with a sustainable living world?

// How do we mobilize, activate and organize a culture of somatic passion and care for a dignified future for all?

BODY IQ is a festival that celebrates ourselves as living, pulsating and communicating bodies.
Without embodiment there is no experience – without experience there is no foundation for intelligence or cultural evolution.
BODY IQ offers a platform to generate impulses to access the knowledge, wisdom and potential of the conscious human form in communication and action.

Topics include:

// Critical Somatics
// Somatic Activism & Applied Somatics
// Somatic Performance Cultures
// The Power of Touch
// Moving Masculinities
// Moving Gender
// Critiquing Whiteness – Decolonising Practice
// Somatic Education for different Age-Groups
// Somatics and diverse abilities; Re-moving Trauma
// Somatics in the Digital Age
// Intercultural Somatic Networks
// Somatics and Enactivism
// Eco-Somatics & Eco-Crisis
// Re-Embodiment and Re-Empowerment


// Kai Ehrhardt – Somatic Academy Berlin (Contact)
// Thomas Kampe – Bath SPA University, UK (Contact)

Presenters so far confirmed:

// Aida Curtis
// Alyson Hallett
// Andrea Haenggi
// Beate Stühm
// Bettina Neuhaus
// Catalina Hernandez-Cabal
// Celia Weiss Bambara
// Christa Cocciole
// David Bloom
// Deborah Black
// Dieter Rehberg
// Dörte Weig
// Elisa Cotroneo
// Emma Meehan
// Eszter Gál
// Ethan (E.E.) Balcos
// Eva Karzcag
// Félicie Kertudo
// Funmi Adewole
// Gill Wright Miller
// Glenna Batson
// Heike Kuhlmann
// India Czajkowska

// Iwona Wojnicka
// Jana Maria Dohmann
 Jana Schmueck
// Jane Turner
// Jenny Coogan
// Johannes Birringer
// Jules Pashall
// Kai Ehrhardt
// Kate Sagovsky
// Katja Münker
// Marion Evers
// Mark Walsh
// Martha Eddy
// Melissa Rolnick
// Michèle Danjoux
// Nadine Martinez
// Natalia Espinel Porras
// Nathalie Fari
// Neta Pulvermacher
// Nicole Bindler
// Obrador de Moviments
// Peilin Liang
// Peter Pleyer

// Rae Johnson
// Sandra Reeve
// Sarah Whatley
// Satu Palokangas
// Susan Sentler
// Susi Rosenbohm
// Tim Taylor
// Thomas Kampe
// Tiago Gambogi
// Trude Cone
// Weronika Grantham