// A big thanks to all who participated in the 2019 BODY IQ festival. It was a rich and inspiring gathering bringing together a remarkable and diverse number of people from all over the globe. Somatics – as a network of people, approaches and institutions that help people to powerfully and meaningfully integrate embodied teachings into their personal and/or professional lives. We are happy that BODY IQ has successfully contributed to increase the visibility and momentum of this important field and hope to see you again in 2021. Much Love and take care. Kai Ehrhardt and Thomas Kampe.

Our new dates for BODY IQ 2021 are: 19.-21. November 2021

On being human in a world begging for our passion, compassion and action.

The three day festival between 15th and 17th of November 2019 offers workshops, talks, panel-discussions and performances with international presenters.

BODY IQ 2019 focuses on dissemination, networking, application and somatic-activisms beyond the field into a diverse range of cultural and social environments.

More than 60 international somatic experts, artists and pedagogues are gathering to explore the critical application of somatic practices within a wide range of contexts – from the arts to social engagement, from healing to politics.

// somatic research

// somatic culture & arts

// somatic activism

BODY IQ 2019 addresses questions of re-embodiment in a context of global ethical and ecological crisis. Over the last decades somatic practices have become a growing field of sensorial, experiential and emancipatory learning within a broad range of educational, therapeutic and artistic contexts

// How can somatic practices contribute to a re-education of attention and human interaction with a sustainable living world?

// How do we mobilize, activate and organize a culture of somatic passion and care for a dignified future for all?

BODY IQ is a festival that celebrates ourselves as living, pulsating and communicating bodies.
Without embodiment there is no experience – without experience there is no foundation for intelligence or cultural evolution.
BODY IQ offers a platform to generate impulses to access the knowledge, wisdom and potential of the conscious human form in communication and action.

Topics include:

// Critical Somatics
// Somatic Activism & Applied Somatics
// Somatic Performance Cultures
// The Power of Touch
// Moving Masculinities
// Moving Gender
// Critiquing Whiteness – Decolonising Practice
// Somatic Education for different Age-Groups
// Somatics and diverse abilities; Re-moving Trauma
// Somatics in the Digital Age
// Intercultural Somatic Networks
// Somatics and Enactivism
// Eco-Somatics & Eco-Crisis
// Re-Embodiment and Re-Empowerment


// Kai Ehrhardt – Somatic Academy Berlin (Contact)
// Thomas Kampe – Bath SPA University, UK (Contact)

Presenters so far confirmed:

// Aida Curtis
// Alyson Hallett
// Andrea Haenggi
// Beate Stühm
// Bettina Neuhaus
// Catalina Hernandez-Cabal
// Celia Weiss Bambara
// Christa Cocciole
// David Bloom
// Deborah Black
// Dieter Rehberg
// Dörte Weig
// Elisa Cotroneo
// Emma Meehan
// Eszter Gál
// Ethan (E.E.) Balcos
// Eva Karzcag
// Félicie Kertudo
// Funmi Adewole
// Gill Wright Miller
// Glenna Batson
// Heike Kuhlmann
// India Czajkowska

// Iwona Wojnicka
// Jana Maria Dohmann
 Jana Schmueck
// Jane Turner
// Jenny Coogan
// Johannes Birringer
// Jules Pashall
// Kai Ehrhardt
// Kate Sagovsky
// Katja Münker
// Marion Evers
// Mark Walsh
// Martha Eddy
// Melissa Rolnick
// Michèle Danjoux
// Nadine Martinez
// Natalia Espinel Porras
// Nathalie Fari
// Neta Pulvermacher
// Nicole Bindler
// Obrador de Moviments
// Peilin Liang
// Peter Pleyer

// Rae Johnson
// Sandra Reeve
// Sarah Whatley
// Satu Palokangas
// Susan Sentler
// Susi Rosenbohm
// Tim Taylor
// Thomas Kampe
// Tiago Gambogi
// Trude Cone
// Weronika Grantham